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Meredith started the violin at the age of 3 learning by the Suzuki Method. From there, during her teen years, she expanded her horizons and found her love of alternative styles, especially Scottish music. She graduated Cum Laude from Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor's in music in violin performance. She went on to pursue her Master's of Scottish Music at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland located in Glasgow, and graduated in 2018.

Meredith has enjoyed performing in the US, Canada, and Scotland over the years. Some of her performances included playing at a White House Christmas party, playing in front of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra at Hienz Hall, and performing for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at the Holyrood Palace, in Edinburgh.


In the competition scene, She competed in the National Association of Accordion and Fiddle Clubs Festival in Falkirk, Scotland and won the championship for the Slow Air category. Meredith has also won numerous regional competitions in Scottish fiddle and in 2018, she took 1st place in the U.S. National Scottish Fiddle Competition.

Meredith has studied under a number of teachers including, Tanya Satteson, Leah Givelber, Alicia McGinnis, Dr. Julian Ross, Dr. Melinda Crawford-Perttu, and Alistair McCulloch. 

In addition to performing, Meredith has been trained to teach Suzuki Books 1-8 in violin and books 1-7 in viola. She enjoys teaching both classical and alternative styles, especially Scottish fiddle music. She believes in teaching a range of styles to broaden a student's musical understanding.

Based in East Lansing, MI, Meredith is teaching at community music schools and performing for various events. She is available to teach private lessons in person or over Skype. In her free time, she enjoys reading, movies, musicals, and travel with her husband, Isaac, and two cats, Maestro and Aria.

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